Sultan’s Kite is a Crowd Pleaser

Kat Lewandowski, Student Writer

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Nestled in between Subway and Walgreens on 1311 “O” St, lays a unique and personalized eating experience.
Sultan’s Kite is owned and operated by Sultan Attaie, a friendly fellow who formerly worked at another Gyro shop on 14th and O who decided to open his own Mediterranean grill with a different theme.
Inspired by restaurants like Chipotle, Attaie wanted people to be able to choose or, as his sign says, “eat like a sultan.”
You walk into the store and up to the board; first, you choose from pita bread, wrap, rice or salad base. Then you choose your meat,  gyro, chicken swarma, chicken tikka korma or falafel, before choosing your sauce, taziki, spicy taziki or green chutney.
For those unfamiliar with Mediterranean cuisine, Attaie or one of his son’s will gladly explain, and although the combinations are many, the choices are easy to get acquainted with.
“I like it to be simple,” said Attaie.
And simple it is. I got the falafel, which is blended chickpeas that are fried on rice with taziki sauce all for less than $5, and the portion was so large I had to take some home.
The other dishes are around $6, but the portion sizes are almost two meals for me.
There is also a board for extras, the lentil soup is surprisingly good and they also offer french fries with Greek seasoning, potato wedges, hummus and baklava.
The only drawback is around lunch-time the place can get packed and seating is limited, but usually, that doesn’t last very long as a lot of people take their food to go.
One thing I noticed was how he really had something for everyone, carnivores, vegetarians, dieters and even people looking for gluten-free menu.
It’s definitely a place to keep coming back to.

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