Shawn Holt impresses at the Zoo Bar

Shawn Holt impresses at the Zoo Bar

McKenzie Rogers, Student Reporter

On Friday, January 20, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers was playing in the large Pinnacle Bank Arena, there was a great blues band playing at the much smaller Zoo Bar at 14th and P in downtown Lincoln.

Walking by the Zoo Bar, I saw a neon sign that said “The Home of Live Blues since 1973.” Since it was dark inside, it had a sort of ominous appearance.

Once I got past the bar and sat down, I saw the walls were covered with pictures of different members of bands, as well as old fliers and advertisements for the bar.

After entering the place, I quickly saw that it hasn’t been kept up with as well as it could, but it has a nice, laid back feeling to it. But once Shawn Holt and the Teardrops started playing, nothing else mattered.

The two electric guitarists hypnotized with their guitar solos, while the bass guitarist and drummer knew how to add just the right sounds. The vocals were also good, but the music stood out more.

They played for about an hour, took a break, and then played for about another 45 minutes. In the songs, they took their time and jammed out, which gave me more time and opportunity to appreciate their skills on their instruments.

The music was soulful and what I would think to be the definition of blues. Since the place is so small, it was also loud.

Because of the concert going on at the Pinnacle, there seemed to be fewer people than there normally should be on a Friday night, and all the workers inside were very friendly and helpful.

If you are one who prefers fancy places, this may not be the place for you. But if you love great live music, I definitely suggest trying this place out.

Make sure to check their website for shows.

Tonight, Gladys Kravitz will be playing, and on Saturday, The Good, The Bad, and The Blues will be featured.