Sebastian’s Table coming soon to downtown Lincoln

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Sebastian’s Table coming soon to downtown Lincoln

Taken from Sebastian’s Table's Facebook page.

Taken from Sebastian’s Table's Facebook page.

Taken from Sebastian’s Table's Facebook page.

Sebastian’s Table

Quinton Small, Student Writer

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Erik Hustad, of Lincoln; Gabe Lovelace, of Lincoln; and their crew at Ground Up Restaurants are doing it again. The serial restaurateurs will be opening their third Lincoln-area restaurant, Sebastian’s Table, located at 126 N. 14th Street.

Sebastian’s Table restaurant manager Brad Widman, of Lincoln, predicts Sebastian’s Table will be opening September 2, 2013.

According to Widman, “The concept of [Sebastian’s Table] is Spanish tapas. This is not a Mexican restaurant. We will have small plates that are inspired by the country of Spain and surrounding Mediterranean countries.”

Ground Up Restaurants is already known around Lincoln for their previous ventures, Honest Abe’s, Sasquatch Bakery and the GUP food truck.

“Ground Up Restaurants is a couple of Lincoln-grown men that are passionate about good food and good people,” says Hustad.

Scott Lloyd, of Lincoln, a self-proclaimed regular patron of Honest Abe’s Burgers and Freedom, says he is “excited to see what they come up with. Honest Abe’s is super creative, so a bigger restaurant with a whole new menu and drinks should be on another level.”

Ground Up Restaurants founder Hustad says that the feel of the restaurant will be “one of community,” with “rustic modern” surroundings.

Widman explains their community approach: “Typically with tapas, a table will order a bunch of tapas and share them all. This encourages people to interact with one another, instead of focusing on demolishing their enormous entree. We want people to enjoy the experience of a meal at our restaurant.”

Sebastian’s Table will be located a short walk from the new entertainment district, Canopy Street, and Widman is hopeful about their location.

“It’s hard to tell what the Haymarket expansion means for us without being open yet,” Widman observed. “I know people will travel for good food, regardless of location. We’ve proven this theory with our location for Honest Abe’s and Sasquatch!”

Honest Abe’s Burgers and Freedom, as well as Sasquatch Bakery, are located in the Medowlane Shopping Center at 70th and Vine.

The name Sebastian’s Table comes from owner Hustad’s fictional restaurant for his final project at the The Art Institute of Seattle culinary school, which was inspired by his vacations in San Sebastian as a child.

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