SCC Challenge to change format

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SCC Challenge to change format

Adan Rodriguez-Jones, Student Reporter

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The SCC Challenge is getting a new face.

The SCC Challenge, in its print form, will no longer be published as a newspaper; instead, it will be in the formatted as a magazine.

The format of the paper will go through some minor alterations, meaning that now the article and paid ad space will look a little different. The sizes of the pages are much smaller in comparison to its predecessor, and with a new schedule arranged to go along with the print.

While the website,,  is updated on a daily basis, the print edition will be published once a quarter in the fall, winter and spring quarters.

Previously, The SCC Challenge was published twice during those three quarters: once about midway through the quarter and towards the end of the quarter.

“One advantage of online is simply timeliness; there’s a news story here, and boom, we can get it online, and with our print schedule, there’s a bit of a gap,” said Journalism instructor Joshua Whitney.

The SCC Challenge features news stories and other items of interest for students and staff on the Lincoln, Beatrice and Milford campuses.

“Just like any other publication,” Whitney explained, “we keep a form of professionalism in terms of word choice and subject matter,” and he said feature stories are listed as past favorites.

“I do try to cultivate as many story ideas as possible from students,” Whitney said.

The staff members are comprised of students in SCC’s journalism courses, which are offered both face to face and online.

One thing Whitney hopes is that students and staff like the new presentation.

“December 8th is when it will be released on the Lincoln campus and also on all the other campuses,” he said.  “I’m excited to see how well it’s received.”

Students who would like to write for The SCC Challenge are encouraged to take any of SCC’s journalism courses.

For the winter quarter, Introduction to Mass Media and Media Writing are offered.

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