Review: Jordan 11 low tops a good investment


Josh Brandt, Student Reporter

As of April 28, Michael Jordan has decided he wants to yet again change the shoe game, with the release of the iconic Jordan 11s low.

The original Cool Grey 11s were first released in a high-top shoe in 2010, but now they’ve been released as a low top shoe.

This shoe was just re-released as a low top shoe based off the original shoe Jordan 11 Cool Grey Highs.

It is designed with a two-tone gray upper with the base being made of nubuck, the lighter gray color.

The overlay is made of leather, the darker gray color.

To complete the design, the shoe’s sole is an icy blue color. With these simple colors, they can be matched with pretty much anything.

Jordan decided he wanted to offer the shoe to everyone, so they are offered in boy’s grade school sizes and men’s and women’s sizes.

The pricing it varies depending on the size.

Grade school boys’ sizes will cost you $130 at Footlocker online store or in stores.

For men’s sizes, the price increases to $175 for all sizes up to size 13; after that, sizes are more difficult to find and more expensive.

The women’s sizes will be comparable to the men’s at $175 as well.

These prices aren’t bad for a Jordan Retro. Most of these shoes can be bought and sold at even higher price since they are highly collectible.

As for comfortability, with the upper being nubuck, it’s almost as if you’re wearing a just a sock, and with the addition of leather as the overlay, this just adds to the comfortability and adds protection.

The only bad thing about leather is when you wear the shoe, it will cause creasing, making the shoe less valuable.

With the shoe being so comfortable and a sleek colorway, you can wear this shoe to play basketball in or match with any everyday or formal outfit.

The only thing I wouldn’t wear these shoes to do is your everyday running outside, as the shoe is designed mainly for playing basketball or to be worn as a collectible item.

If you’re looking for a nice shoe to play basketball in, these Jordan 11s would be at the top of the list in design and comfortability.

If you’re in the shoe selling business, it would be best to think of this shoe as an investment, and you might want to buy two pairs: one pair to be kept and resold later, and the other to be worn casually or to play basketball in.