Ninja Nation Tour’s Hard Kick in Lincoln

Ninja Nation Tour’s Hard Kick in Lincoln

Andrea, Kitrell

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, the Ninja Nation Tour came to Lincoln and Troy Beetles (a.k.a. Datsik) performed at the Bourbon Theater after his opening acts Bais House, Fox Stevenson and Kennedy Jones kicked off the event starting at 9 p.m.

The adult show was explicitly focused on launching a huge rave. True dedication came from fans that stood in the cold nearly a half hour before doors open for the event. The 18 and over event was less than subtle with bass that pulsed through the theatre.

On a poll of 32 people before the event began over 80% of the concert goers were already huge fans of Datsik (26/32). He was compared to Skrillex and was also mentioned to have done collaborations with other DJ’s, including Incision, KORN and Messinian.

Canadian Datsik is not only clever for his name choice but is a genius with dub step and electronic dance music (EDM). He has performed in venues all over the nation and has even played internationally.

His unique performance included a light show which he performed in the middle of his vortex. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to see this distinctive design, it is a picture projection onto a massive circular tube that comes to life as he puts together a strong dubstep that consumes the crowd.

Datsik incorporated popular songs like Britany Spears’s “Toxic” and Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop” which took the crowd of Datsik’s fans, who he calls “ninjas,” to another level of excitement.

Though the performances were strong, the show did last until 2 a.m. For those who were checking their phones around midnight, the show was dragging on until Datsik came on and the realization came that leaving wasn’t a choice because the show was addictive.

If the vortex wasn’t enough, there was Datsik himself, who connected to the audience seamlessly as if he was right in the middle of the crowd. As he ended the show, the crowd chanted his name, and it was clear that the love was reciprocated as he exited the stage.

The Ninja Nation Tour filled the Bourbon. Staff members shared that they took extra precautions for the event by securing all light fixtures.

Rumors were floating around that his last visit at the Bourbon shattered windows at the building’s entrance; but staff at the Bourbon reported this as false.

Datsik’s next stops on tour include venturing from Mexico to Colorado, to California, Nevada, and returning to his native Canada, and he won’t stop there. His last stop will be in Rothbury, Mich., performing for a sold out crowd on June 26.