“Joker” deserves to be seen

Braden Langemeier, Student Reporter

While movies which are surrounded by a great deal of hype, as “Joker” was, should be viewed skeptically, “Joker” is one that merits our attention.

“Joker” is directed by Todd Phillips and stars Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a man who feels invisible and pushed away by society. As the movie goes on, and Fleck is treated worse and worse by those around him, he starts to unravel.

The main theme in the movie is the journey a man takes in becoming the evil Joker.

And for those that were wondering, do not go into this film expecting to see Batman, because the caped crusader does not appear.

Phoenix steals every scene he is in, and he deserves to be nominated for an Oscar. He plays the part of Fleck so well that you begin to sympathize for the violent, unpredictable, and estranged man.

The film features beautiful cinematography and is shot very well, using darker colors along with splashes of vibrant color. The score is spine-tingling, and fits perfectly with the menacing and nightmarish character of the Joker.

As for the controversy surrounding the movie, it seems unwarranted.

There are movies that are much more graphic that no one seems to have a problem with.

Although the film has a very dark tone and features some disturbing situations, “Joker” is not even the most violent comic book film, with “Logan” and “Deadpool” being much more brutal.

The fact that a national tragedy occurred the last time a film featuring the Joker was shown on the big screen may have something to do with the controversy.

In September, director Todd Phillips was quoted as saying there are “no plans” for a sequel, but after the box office success of “Joker,” and with it becoming the highest-grossing R rated film ever, rumors claiming a follow-up is in the works are starting to surface on various movie news websites.

Overall, the movie is a beautifully haunting work of art that sticks in your mind hours after. It absolutely deserves to be seen; I give “Joker” an A-.