Get in shape for summer, – and fast!

Jordan Hussey, Student Writer

Bad news – summer is approaching faster than you expected. With school and work, how in the world will you have time to get that bikini body back you had last summer?
We all know what eating Ramen noodles and college does to you.
It’s time to act quickly!
The first and most advisable way to get that flat tummy would be to work your butt off (not literally).
Fitness coaches Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn devised a plan to get you in shape in two weeks.
They have a seven step workout plan that includes seven exercises: the Ballerina Chop, Kick It, Tummy Tucker, Complete Curl, Skinny Dip, Power Press, Bridge Burner, Reach and Squeeze, and Quickie Cardio Blasts.
Their best advice: stick to cardio. “If you have 18 minutes,” they say, “walk quickly for 2 minutes, and then sprint as fast as you can for 1 minute. Now do it 5 more times.” (For more on this plan go to
So let’s say you’re not one to spend your very little amount of spare time hitting the gym. Cosmo magazine featured an article that highlighted nine foods that melt away flab.
Eggs, peanut butter, avocado, sirloin burger, cheese, pickles, green tea, yogurt and quinoa (a crunchy grain) are listed as “super foods that give your metabolism a kick.” You can actually burn fat while you eat!
Still fishing for ideas and running out of time? If you don’t think losing weight is necessary but you’re worried about looking like you have a muffin top, there are always swimsuits you can buy (ladies) that will minimize your midsection and make you look like you actually worked your butt off!
Diagonal striped one-piece suits disguise your midsection, a folded bottom on a two-piece suit helps to cover up the hips and a black one-piece suit is always extra slimming!
Whatever approach you take, there’s many quick ways to get yourself in shape. Get going. though, summer is almost here.