Entertainment with Nic: MMPR Reboot/Pokémon Remakes


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot and Pokemon Remakes

Nicholas A. Howe, Beatrice Bureau Chief

This past week has made many people ecstatic for something we liked as children.
It was announced that Saban and Lionsgate have announced plans for an original live-action Power Rangers movie.
This week, it was also announced that the 3rd generations games of Pokémon, Ruby and Sapphire will be getting 6th gen remakes as Omega-Ruby and Alpha-Sapphire.
With the new Power Rangers reboot, there is not a bunch of information out there quite yet, but there are a few things that fans are hoping for in the movie.
The first is for the movie to have a darker, grittier feel to it. While Power Rangers has always been a children’s show, many of the series have had a darker feel.
In “Power Rangers: RPM,” we get a feel of a sad, dark world that has been ravaged by a robot apocalypse.
In “Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy,” we are introduced to the Magna Defender as the sixth ranger. His backstory includes a main series villain taking and murdering his son.
In the most recent series, “Power Rangers: Super Megaforce,” the sixth ranger watches as his entire family is destroyed in front of him. Many fans, especially the older ones, are expecting these types of stories in the series.
The other thing many Power Rangers fans are looking for in the movie is the involvement of fan favorite ranger Tommy Oliver (played by Jason David Frank). Tommy has been a main cast member in four seasons (MMPR, ZEO, Turbo, Dino-Thunder), and has made guest appearances on Wild Force and a coming episode of Super Megaforce.
The Pokémon remakes have fans of Pokémon brimming with excitement.
The original games, Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, released in 2002, were said by many to be some of the best games of the whole series. In the original games, players were introduced to the concept of weather, as well as the addition of over 100 Pokémon to the series.
The idea of the game is that two teams, Team Aqua and Team Magma, want to use the legendary Pokémon, Kyogre, the king of the sea, and Groudon, the king of the earth, to take over the world.
Though it has not been confirmed, it is highly suspected that there will be a different storyline from the originals. There is a high amount of speculation for the use of Mega-Evolutions, which were introduced in the 6th generation games, Pokémon: X and Y.
While I don’t know very much about either of these projects, I am looking forward to any and all news about them. I am extremely excited to see how they turn out and if the fans accept or reject the new or if they want to stick with the old.