“Duck Dynasty” book shows another side to patriarch

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Laura Harris, Student Writer

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If you’ve already seen the insanely popular A&E show “Duck Dynasty,” then you are already familiar with Phil Robertson, the head of the Robertson family and creator of Duck Commander duck calls.

In a book out last month, “Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander,” Robertson reveals a great deal about himself.

On the show, it’s clear that faith and family are extremely important to him, as is having a good work ethic and leading a successful business.

What we don’t see is Phil’s life before the show.

Phil’s life was not always the “happy, happy, happy” one he lives today.

This book explores his colorful past, which includes being a rowdy bar owner and getting into some shady situations.

Through all of the tough times, Phil has always had a strong faith in God. From playing ahead of Terry Bradshaw on the Louisiana Tech football team to having next to nothing and living like it was the eighteenth century, this book is chalk full of stories that are sure to surprise and maybe even inspire.

Throughout the pages of this book, it becomes quite clear that there’s more to Phil Robertson than the “Duck Commander” we see today.

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