Dozo is the place to go for sushi in the Haymarket

Rachel Kapeller, Student Writer

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It took me a couple months to make it there, but I finally made it to the new sushi restaurant that is the talk of town, Dozo.  Dozo is the new sushi bar located in the Haymarket in Lincoln.
Dozo’s opening night was Halloween night of 2011, and since then, it has been welcoming a wide array of customers.  The owners are David Shu, Andy Zhao and Weijay Wang.  “We haven’t gotten so many college students yet, but overall, we have seen a number of customers every night since opening,” one of the chefs stated.
Their most popular roll is the California Roll or Crunchy California Roll.  They are one of the few sushi restaurants that serve crunchy rolls here in Lincoln.
Dozo also features a full bar with any drink.  They offer delivery, take out or dine in.
I ordered the crunchy California roll, and it was very reasonably priced and well worth the money.  It wasn’t fried, but had an extra crunch that you don’t normally get with a sushi roll.
The servers give you a sheet of paper with all of the different rolls and the prices listed.  To order, you simply fill in the quantity of the roll you want and hand it to the waiter.  The service during my dining experience was very delightful.  The food was fast, and my water was consistently filled to the top.
Prices for the rolls varied from $4 such as an avocado roll to $14 for the fried rolls.  They also offer other meals such as lettuce wraps, steak or chicken ranging from $9 to $18.
The environment is hip and young.  Dim lighting with dark features sets the scene.  Music is playing in the background, but not so obnoxiously that you can’t even hear the person at your own table.
Dozo can be compared to the other local sushi bars here in Lincoln such as Kinja, Tokyo and Wasabi to name a few.  Brittany Singleton, a student here in Lincoln, even went as far as comparing it to the infamous Blue Sushi Bar in Omaha.

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