Campus Crusade for Christ looking for new members

Kurt Newman, Student Writer

LINCOLN – With upcoming graduations, Lincoln’s Campus Crusade for Christ chapter is looking for new members.

In the past the students involved in the Campus Crusade for Christ have gone to conferences and retreats together.

They also did cookouts and had bonfires where they spent time together talking and learning about Christ.

Presently they are spending time in a Bible study class Wednesdays in room N11. They also gather for prayer time.

As of now, there are no future plans due to the small size of the gathering group.

Whenever graduation comes around, they lose students in the group, and they are currently hoping more students will become interested and join.

Jeanette Bean, head of the Campus Crusade for Christ says, “With such a small group, there isn’t much that we can do, but we are hoping to gather more people soon.”

Campus Crusade for Christ is a student, Christian organization found on many campuses meant to provide a spiritual environment to study and discuss the Bible, worship, pray, encourage and provide opportunities for Christian fellowship.