Bike trails encourage fitness

Kasi Darnell, Student Writer

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LINCOLN- Warm weather is finally here and with it, many people can be seen walking and riding their bikes along one of almost 30 bike trails found within the city.

Lincoln has over 128 miles of trails, which can connect people with almost every part of the city.

The Mopac Trail is one of the longest at about 26 miles, and runs from UNL downtown campus to Elmwood, Nebraska. The SCC campus is easily accessible from this trail with the trailhead on S. 84th St.

Also accessible from the Mopac Trail is the Antelope Valley Project in downtown Lincoln.

The Great Plains Trail Network is currently raising money to construct a center at N. 21st St. at the new Festival Plaza and Amphitheater in Union Plaza Park, which is part of the Antelope Valley Project. Lincoln’s newest addition is currently under construction and will provide restrooms, trail information, retailers, and provide space for social gathering.

The Great Plains Trail Center will connect several main bike trails in Lincoln to the amenities of downtown and also bring people together in a healthy, positive way. This project will also help bring awareness to Lincoln’s progressive, bike trail system.

Utilizing the trail system is not only healthy but is also good for the environment and a great way to experience the outdoors. With gasoline so expensive, walking or biking will help cut down costs of transportation.

Information and maps of trails found within Lincoln and Lancaster County can be found on the Great Plains Trail Network’s website at


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