Alcohol awareness event falls on National Nacho Day


Alex Perfecto, Student Reporter

Southeast Community College is hosting an event on Wednesday, Nov. 6, to bring awareness to the dangers of alcohol.  

The Alcohol Awareness Event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the student center 

This event will have free chips and dip for those who come to this event.  

Rachel Mason, the student event coordinator, says out of all the events this is one of the more important ones because it deals with a real-life issue with real life consequences.  

Mason also says this is an important event because “college students are more likely to consume alcohol; it would make sense to bring awareness to the age group that is likely to use and abuse it.”  

This event in the past has been a success in the past and Mason jokingly says because “free chips and dip will bring in a crowd.”  

The slogan of this event is “chips and dip, we have some tips.”

Mason says free chips and free knowledge of a topic that many people can relate to is a win-win.  

A couple of topics that will be discussed at this event include knowing the different types of alcohol, knowing the long- and short-term effects, how to get treatment and the many frightening statistics that go along with alcohol.  

November 6 also falls on National Nacho Day, for which Mason feels it was very “appropriate to have chips on its own day.”  

Mason is quoted as saying that students in the past have called this event “interesting,” “eye-opening” and “helpful.”

The more informed students are about alcohol, the more likely they are to think twice about their own decisions when it comes to alcohol says Mason.   

The Alcohol Awareness Event has been done in the past with success with multiple people participating and has been done at least once every quarter/semester.  

Like most activities, this event has been promoted on numerous flyers across Southeast Community College.  

This event was created by the student wellness committee to bring attention to the popular drug of choice of many people, particularly college-aged people.  

The Alcohol Awareness Event is free to all students of SCC with a student I.D.